Where duplicate bridge is always friendly and fun

Learn Bridge

The most popular and absorbing card game in the world

Barbara Herold has been teaching this wonderful and fascinating game of bridge for many years. She is a full member of the English Bridge Union Teachers Association and has attained Professional Teacher status.

There are many who have taken up bridge only to say it has given them a whole new social life and many friends.

Bridge Classes 2017

The Beginners group that started in January is now well underway and will be moving up from “Baby Bridge” to Grown up” bridge on 24th January when they will start learning the bidding.  If any existing players or would be duplicate players want to refresh on any aspects of the bidding they may join in the relevant classes on an “as and when” basis.  Please telephone Barbara for a syllabus.

Improvers’ classes.

A short six week course for Improvers will commence in May/June if sufficient players are interested.  Also a second Masterclass on Benji Acol will be held in the Spring for those who would like to extend their knowledge.  Cost £7.00 per lesson.

  Barbara’s contact details:  01424 422118 or


Mini Bridge.

Widely hailed as the best way to start any one on their journey in learning bridge, it is especially suitable for children and helps develop their mathematical skills, together with teaching them logic and working with a partner. If you would be interested in teaching your child or grandchild contact Barbara who will arrange to teach you the basics and let you have some sample teaching hands.