Where duplicate bridge is always friendly and fun

Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil,

of partner’s or opponent’s bidding and play.



The club was founded to provide friendly yet competitive duplicate bridge in a relaxed atmosphere where players can play their bridge without having to listen to others giving lessons in bridge - either to their partners or opponents - or generally behaving in an unacceptable manner. For these reasons the club operates a strict Zero Tolerance Policy of unacceptable behaviour.


Please help yourself and others by calling the director if you feel the Best Behaviour at Bridge rules are being contravened in any way.  The director is there to help you and to maintain a friendly but competitive atmosphere for all players.  


Please DO NOT criticise either your partner or your opponents.


Please do not hold Post Mortems unless you have spare time at the end of a round.


Please do not tell either your partner or your opponents how they should have played UNLESS they ask for your advice.


All sessions at the club will be played at the EBU’s Level 4 with the exception of the Multi Two Diamond which is not permitted at any session.


Psyche bids are not encouraged.  Persistent, regular offenders may be asked to leave the club.