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Barbara’s Blog May 2020


Well, we’re well and truly into the groove as they say.  I think most of us have got used to our new way of life and are accepting of the fact this will go on probably until the autumn if not longer.

Suddenly our choices have now narrowed down to playing online bridge or not playing bridge at all.  Because of this Bexhill Bridge Club, East Sussex BC and St. Leonards BC have amalgamated to form a “Virtual Bridge Club” called The 1066 Bridge Club on the BBO platform organised by the EBU.  In effect this will be a club solely for the use of the members  of the above 3 clubs (although we may have to accept standby strangers if we have a half table) and will hold sessions on Tuesday evenings, start time 7.00pm and Thursday afternoons, start time 1.30 pm.  Cost will be $4.00 per game and dollars can be purchased through BBO at their current conversion rate.  If you are keen to play but have not yet tried out BBO I suggest you do so to familiarise yourself with it.  All the bridge playing platforms are very similar in how they work.  At the moment you will have to come with a partner but if you let me know you want to play but haven’t got one I’ll try and find you one.

Brian Gould, Chairman of Bexhill BC has volunteered to run it and for the first month we will be using the services of a BBO tournament director and expect to play 24 boards per session.  If you are interested in playing in our “New Club” Brian will need your email address which you can send to him at brian.gould@live.co.uk   I would be grateful if you would copy me in so I know how many of ESBC’s members are likely to participate.  Members I have already spoken to about this at our Wednesday Meet and Greet seemed to like the idea of playing against people they know.  If after a month it seems to be financially viable Brian will train to become a Virtual Director so he would be able to run these sessions himself, thus saving the Virtual Club £45.00 per session.

The Wednesday afternoon “Meet and Greet” will continue throughout May.  More of you are dropping by to say “Hi”.  If anyone you know has not had the weekly invite it’s because I haven’t got an up-to-date email address for them.  If you’ve got any questions about the new club (see above) then Wednesday’s Meet and Greet is the time to get them answered.

How is my garden doing?  Well, my first rose bloomed on Sunday 19th April – Climate change?  What climate change?  FAKE  NEWS!! The 2nd rose to bloom was on Thursday 23rd April, a new hybrid tea called Blue Eyes (masquerading as pale pink with maroon eyes - ? Blue Eyes??).  Nothing like the picture in the catalogue, still, it has a heavenly perfume and flowers throughout the summer.  My cats are still misbehaving themselves – they have managed to catch two slow worms in the last 2 weeks (either that or it was the same dozy one that didn’t learn it’s lesson the first time around as I saved it and put it somewhere safe??).  Did you know that a slow worm is neither a snake nor a worm but a legless lizard (no, I don’t know what it’s tipple is).  Another fascinating fact is they carry their fertilised eggs internally but give birth to live slow worms.  Don’t ask me what happens to the egg shells, Google didn’t mention those.  I came across a baby slow worm whilst weeding the rockery, it was about 4 inches long and the thickness of a strand of embroidery silk so I was motivated to learn more.  

Today, 3rd May I’m going to pick my first helping of broad beans.  My experiment of growing them over winter in the greenhouse was a complete success – the best broad beans I’ve ever had, long pods packed full of good size beans for very little effort.  I filled up the spaces between them with cavelo nero which has also given me a very good crop.

My thanks to Tony Andrews who sent me the Daily Mail’s page of Lockdown Lingo.  Which ones will make it into the Oxford Dictionary I wonder.   My personal two favourites are

Fattening the Curve – What Sharon’s been doing with the doughnuts.  See also Covid 18 – the number of lbs we’ve all gained since lockdown begun.

Iselation – The secret but very real joy you’re experiencing at not having to go anywhere, speak to anyone or do anything (not even change your clothes) for the past six/seven weeks.

Of course Tony’s favourite is Loctail Hour – the time at which you allow yourself the first alcoholic drink of the morning – DAY – we meant DAY!!


Sadly the Club is closed until further notice due to Covid 19.

There will be  virtual drop in meetings  each Wednesday 2.00 to 3.30 pm via Zoom if anyone would like to say Hi.  Please contact Barbara for an invite if you haven’t received one because it will mean  I don’t have your email address.


The most magnificent specimen of wisteria I think I’ve ever seen.  Thank you to Tony Andrews for sending it in and well done to Gerry for keeping the whip cracking and making sure Tony’s pruning skills don’t lapse.

The lilac bush this year has made the most stunning backdrop for my “Madonna with the Fallen Boobies”

The first rose to bloom on 19th April 2020