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Barbara’s Blog August 2020


So another month of “shielding” has flown by – I am now able to go out and about again (with caution) until the next Lockdown (I think).

Lost the Plot?  Never had the plot – can anybody help?  The most memorable achievement during August was the waste of at least 12 hours of my time (and at my age every hour counts).  Having exhausted the repeats on the TV I decided I would watch the 12 episodes of Homeland I recorded – I like thrillers, mysteries, spy dramas etc.  Well I’ve now finished all the episodes and rather like “Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy” I am no wiser.  Who did what to whom?  Who was Carrie working for really, what was the point? Was Sol guilty or not? No wonder I was never headhunted for MI5 or MI6.   If anyone else watched it and could fathom out what was going on I would be so grateful for an explanation.  Perhaps dementia really has set in and I should only be recording the CBBC programmes.

At the moment I seem to be playing catch-up on healthcare appointments as the NHS etc have decided to start seeing patients again.  This week I’ve been to Podiatry, the Dentist and my GP.  Next week it’s the vet again, more blood tests for me and a telephone consult with Neurology.  The following week it will be the dentist again and decision time – hairdresser or not?  That’s assuming the 2nd wave has not arrived and we’re all confined to barracks again.  How on earth did I ever manage to find time to work when the Club was open???

We really have been so lucky with the weather during this strange summer – a lot of us are fortunate enough to have a garden to potter around in.  With mine, nothing is as I’d planned it – I like to colour theme my garden, different colour themes each year for the annuals but of course not possible this year with the garden centres being closed, and with many online suppliers having run out of both seeds and plants, along with probably a lot of people, I’ve had to rely on growing seeds from what I had left over from last year.  Still, it’s colourful and I will make sure I order the seeds I need for next year in good time.  

The figs are slowly ripening and whilst I’ve foraged two already it will be another couple of weeks before the starlings are flocking to them.  Cucumbers are prolific and tasty, and it looks as if I will be making a few batches of tomato sauce for the freezer.  I’ve picked the first of the apples and a few blackberries and the few arionas the new young bushes yielded.  The cherries have all been eaten, the rhubarb will be finished after one more picking and the first of the runner beans are waiting to be picked. Sadly no plums this year, the late frost we had put paid to them.  Still, can’t complain. Yes I can, so far the slugs have eaten two successive sowings of French beans so I’m waiting for the third sowing to germinate – urggggghhhhhhhhhhh.   This lot are going into pots and will be housed on one of the patios where I can do a slug trawl late at night.  I have a Dignitas Bucket for them – a large jar full of very salty water in which they have assisted dying – he he he.  The raised vegetable beds get treated with nematodes but unfortunately everywhere else is vulnerable.

A big round of applause for K C Computers in London Road, St. Leonards who dealt with my other excitement during July.  I suddenly had a pop-up message purporting to be from Windows saying my computer had been closed down due to the fact I had accessed an illegal pornographic site and to call Microsoft Windows immediately!! This came with loud bleeps and flashing yellow lights.  Once the initial panic wore off I knew it had to be a scam but how had my software allowed it through?  Although I got round it pretty easily, if it’s happened once it will probably happen again.  So I called KC Computers who supplied me with my two laptops (one for back-up because of the club) and they were magnificent.  They explained what free software to download to cope with Malwares, pointed out that the laptop running on Windows 10 didn’t need McAfee and were so helpful.  All done over the telephone and at no cost. Not sure I’d have got that sort of service from PC World.

Club members have been strangely quiet this past month.  I would love to have snippets of gossip, anything interesting that’s happened to you since we were last able to meet up, etc. etc.  






Sadly the Club is closed until further notice due to Covid 19.

The 1066 Virtual Club has seen the three clubs of Bexhill Bridge Club, East Sussex Bridge and St. Leonards Bridge Club coming together to form one virtual club playing Tuesday evenings and Thursday afternoons.

This plaque was already in situ when I

moved in.  To my horror I seem to have grown into it.

This dear little clematis has the lengthy name of Triternata Rubromarginata.  Whilst it’s flowers are small (only just over an inch in diameter) it has the distinction of being the most highly scented clematis available -  so at the moment I have the delicious odour of marzipan wafting up to my kitchen patio.

We’re soooooo glad this social distancing has been eased.

L to R Saffy Blue Point 14, Baby Girl Chocolate Point 16, Boris Foreign White 14

Mr. Mainwaring the moggy is not allowed to mix with the “posh” cats

Tony Andrews managed to snap this perfect rose.  Mind you he had to be quick as he said it only lasted two days

I have a total of 13 clematis in all – each one different and flowering from June through to February.  Princess Diana resides in the left hand side of the garden whilst Princess Kate oversees her from the bank on the right hand side.  One of my winter-flowering ones is so vigorous it has nearly covered the whole of the fence at the bottom of the garden, whilst the other one is presently fighting for survival in amongst the everlasting sweet peas, the alstroemeria, roses and Princess Diana who is giving him a really hard time.