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Interesting Hand with commentary by John Hunt

September’s Interesting Hand


My partner played this deal carefully to land an unlikely small slam.   I am sure that he will remember it for some time to come:














After West had passed, I opened 1§ and my partner replied 1©.     West now emerged with 1ª.   I raised to 4©.   Partner now tried 4NT (stone-age Blackwood) and I bid 5¨ (one ace).  With an apparent slight shrug of his shoulders, Partner went for 6©, which was passed out (although East paused for a while, suggesting – possibly that she had considered taking some action).   West led the ªA and switched to a club at trick 2.   Declarer played the §9 from dummy, East contributed the §J and the trick was won by declarer’s §K.   Declarer ruffed a spade at trick 3 and played the ©10 which held (phew!).   Then he played §AQ, parting with a couple of diamonds.    A further club was advanced, ruffed by East with the ©5 and over-ruffed by declarer with the ©7.  Dummy was re-entered with another spade ruff and another winning club led. East, displaying much discomfort, discarded, allowing declarer to jettison his third diamond. With the lead in dummy, these were the last four cards:














Declarer led the §4 and East was in an impossible position.   Declarer was home and dry. Small slam made – well played pard!